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Myth #3: If a Bear is standing on its hind legs, then it is getting ready to charge you….run!!!

This myth couldn’t be more false.

This myth couldn’t be more false.

Bears can see, hear, and smell better standing up than they can when they are down on all four legs. So when they are standing up they are just trying to see what is in front of them. Cubs especially stand up a lot just to see over the grass. However, there are signs that do indicate that a bear is going to attack. Those signs include: direct eye contact, hanging its head low with its ears laid back, and making woofing, grunting, moaning, or barking sounds. These all indicate that the bear feels threatened. Come back later to find out what to do if you find yourself in an encounter with a bear, but for now be assured that a bear on 2 legs only means “I sense something interesting!!!”

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